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With strategies to get, keep and grow the undying love of the right customers and team members for your salon or spa.

What can I do to help you?

I use proven strategies purposed to set you apart from others in the marketplace, attract the RIGHT customers, and have a thriving business. Want to know more? Email me at alicia@socialicia.com to schedule a 30-minute power chat.

I'm Alicia!

Hi there!

I’m Alicia, happy founder of Socialicia—and a giddy beauty brand builder, purposed to help salon and spa business owners build thriving businesses (I LOVE my job!).

Get fiercely loyal customers

Listen, to understand what your customers are saying. This is beneficial in terms of helping to find out how you can best serve them, anticipate their needs and look for ways to meet or exceed their expectations every time. And by all means, do sweat the small stuff—the details do matter.

Build an amazing dream team

It’s not merely about ability, but suitability. Hire with a motivation to build and protect the culture, the atmosphere and the experience YOU want to offer customers at your salon or spa.

Stop wasting time, start adding value!

Use your God-given talents to an impact. Build and retain a strong team culture. Consistently deliver amazing service to the amazing people you are purposed to serve.

Say “NO” to things that doesn’t fit your business model.

If making decisions on things like who to hire, what services to offer, developing your marketing message, and building a reputation for your brand, then let’s talk. Yes, it can be hard opening up to someone you don’t know, I understand. But if not me, do talk to someone that understands your business.

Are you ready to talk success?

Schedule a FREE 30-minute Beauty Brand Consult. You can be on your way to enjoying the benefits of a dedicated staff, loyal customers, successful business and a healthy life.

I have known Alicia for most of my life, she is a wonderful friend and very professional at whatever she does. Always calm, and very inspirational to talk to and always on top of her game with all the latest social media and trends in our fast growing technologically advanced world. She is a great mother and wife, always so nurturing and can always give an ear on any issue you may want to discuss with her. I appreciate her in my life as a professional and a friend! Professor Coleen James

Author & Speaker, Professor Coleen James

Alicia was an extremely valued employee of mine at Stylin’ Kids. In a start-up environment, Alicia exemplified poise; maturity, forward thinking, and very strong business acumen that not only helped my business run more smoothly but provided guidance and counsel on many occasions that most certainly led to a stronger customer base and increased revenues. I would highly recommend Alicia as a leader and trusted advisor. Lee Pearlman

Managing Director, Atticus RPM, LLC

I have known Alicia for about 8 years. I worked with her as a nail technician, and then later solicited her as a business partner due to her previous success as a salon owner. She has now embarked on a career as a Social Media Strategist. I believe that the same attitude, dedication, and commitment to excellence that she applies to her personal and business life as a whole will no doubt prove that she is a well-diverse person and know how to get results. Whenever I need help with social networking, she is always the go to person. The choice is apparent; you’ll be in excellent hands with Alicia for all of your social media needs. Carrie Turner

Founder, Key Turner Realty

You’re a constant example of demonstrated faith. Faith in God and faith in me. You believe when it’s easier to not. You often act on faith when it’s easier to not. You pray, praise and seek the counsel of the Lord just as often in times of good and abundance as you do in times of strife and lack. That’s impacted me positively more than I’ve probably let on. Not that I’m hiding it, just that I’m not sure I’ve taken the time to adequately thank you. Ralston Vaz

Designer, Thinkory

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